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Beautifully combining modern simplicity with ancient craftsmanship, this striking vase is made using the filigrana method which originated in Murano in the 16th century.

This fine intricate technique is achieved by using handcrafted glass canes that have been cut to the desired length, arranged on a metal plate and heated so that they adhere to one another. A clear glass core is then rolled over the canes so that they attach to it. The united piece is then put inside the oven and heated so that it can be modelled. The heat causes the canes to dissolve and form one piece.

As the maestro works the piece, the lines from the canes gradually become thinner through stretching and tweaking. The end result is a delicate and hypnotizing interplay of lines gracefully intersecting with one other and creating optical illusions along the way.

Designed by Marie-Rose Kahane.

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H 25cm L 19cm W 15cm

Sizes and shapes vary slightly, and subtle markings and small air bubbles may be seen in the glass.

Handwash only