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The beautiful and intricate Zanfirico patterns on these gelato spoons are made using fine filigrana canes which have been stretched and twisted to form delicate lattice patterns. It is a long and painstaking technique that was created back in the 16th century and later revived in the 1830s, thanks to the Italian art dealer Antonio Sanquirico, from whom the name Zanfirico is said to have derived. Handcrafted in Murano, these gelato spoons are made from limited edition mauve-toned Zanfirico patterns.

Designed by Felicity Menadue.

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SPOONS H 13.5cm
BOX L 25.5cm W 16cm

Each piece is handcrafted and signed. Sizes and shapes vary slightly, and subtle markings and small air bubbles may be seen in the glass.
As they are handmade, no two are exactly alike. We think that's what makes them so special and unique. Sold individually.

Handwash only.