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The ANGEL Console is part of YALI’s unique pieces series. The title ANGEL originates from a play on the word ‘angle’, referring to the perpendicular lines that define the pieces in this collection. The modular quadrilateral shape enables various colour planes to be placed next to one another sparking a diverse interplay of colour. The thick glass tabletops are fabricated in Murano by melting down and fusing together coloured cotissi (leftover chunks of glass from previous firings).  The handcrafted welded iron frame - unpretentious in its raw state – is handcrafted in central Venice.

Designed by Marie-Rose Kahane.

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H 90cm L 106cm W 35.5cm

Each piece is numbered and signed. The console weighs approximately 40kg.

GLASS Handwash only. METAL Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth.