Curated by Jean Blanchaert.

A selection of over 60 original works in glass created by 36 artists, artisan/artists and designers, from Italy and abroad, who have a deep and often passionate relationship with Italian glass.

The works presented are an expression of the multiple forms that glass can assume, of the great imagination of the artists and designers and of the extraordinary mastery of the artisans: differing from one another in technique, aesthetics and function, they reflect the wide variety of contemporary creativity in the handling of the material, from sculpture to lighting, from figurative works to stained glass.

An artistic vision and a manual know-how to be preserved and promoted so that the arts and crafts will still be able to speak the language of the contemporary world.

"Yali Glass, embodying all the magic of the Venetian crafts, celebrates the love of this city through the design of unique products destined to become icons of a timeless style. In 2020, Marie Rose Kahane, the founder of Yali, decided to experiment, with the aid of master glassworkers, with the technique of casting that makes it possible to create solid and resistant forms by pouring molten glass into a mould. Out of these experiments has come the distinctive glass top for the side tables in the Isola series, in tones ranging from grey to transparent green. Their forms are rounded and sinuous, a homage to the landscape of the Venetian lagoon, in which the islets, shorelines and channels create basins of water of irregular shape. But the lagoon is not the only inspiration. The outlines of the transparent surface recall the thick slabs of ice of the Engadine, another of Marie Rose Kahane’s favourite places. ‘The applied arts have interested me for many years: furniture, ceramics, metalworking, textiles. But my particular passion for glass commenced at the moment I discovered Paolo Venini and his radical influence, when he asked important architects like Scarpa to design pieces in glass. The combination of great design and unique craft skills has made the material of glass highly attractive’." (Condé Nast, Traveler, November 2020)

May 5 - August 22, 2021 
Triennale Milano, ITALY


Yali Glass Isola Table

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