Gathering Around the Table is part of the Venice Glass Week and a moment of pleasure for our senses. We become, more than at any other time, permeable to the gustatory, tactile and aesthetic. The objects we use, as much as the food, have a direct influence on us.

This small exhibition of glassware aims to make you more aware of the various forms and materialities of table objects.Through material and through the craft and technique of production, our invited artists will give you a taste of the beauty of glass.

Organized by Associazione Culturale Spiazzi in cooperation with The Cyprus Pavilion “Anachoresis: upon inhabiting distances”,17th Architecture exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.

Curated by Sung Moon Cho

4 - 12 September 2021
Cyprus Pavilion, Castello 3865, 30122 Venezia, ITALIA


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