Why shouldn't art stimulate us in our homes especially in our daily routines?

This 25th Anniversary Exhibition is to celebrate Joanna Bird's life as a Gallery owner exploring decorative objects and fine art of the last twenty-five years. The works are on display capture an enlightened world where beautiful objects appeal and amuse.

Each artist excels in their field, creating visualy compelling paintings, ceramics, glass, silver, jewellery and textiles made with discernment.Richard Batterham, Svend Bayer, Michael Cardew CBE, Carina Ciscato, Chiarastella Cattana, Joanna Costantinidis, Prue Cooper, Ruth Duckworth, Akiko Hirai, Charlotte Hodes, Edward Hughes, Marie-Rose Kahane for Yali Glass, Geoffrey Mann, Carlo Moretti, Rupert Spira, Adi Toch, Matt Warner, Amy West, William Wilkins CBE

30th October - 30th November 2019. Open 10-5.30pm. Closed Sundays.
Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections - Celebrating 25 Years
19 Grove Park Terrace, London, W4 3QE

Yali Joanna Bird KasaYali Joanna Bird KasaYali Joanna Bird KasaYali Joanna Bird CristalloYali Joanna Bird Twist Gelato SpoonsYali Joanna Bird VenexiaYali Joanna Bird MonastiriYali Joanna Bird MonastiriYali Joanna Bird Filigrana

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