A partnership between Calvin Klein and YALI Glass under the creative direction of Raf Simons.

New York, USA, 2018

Yali x Calvin Klein IncalmoYali x Calvin Klein IncalmoYali x Calvin Klein VenexiaYali x Calvin Klein VenexiaYali x Calvin KleinYali x Calvin KleinYali x Calvin Klein

The collection, designed in YALI’s studio in Venice, Italy and handblown on the island of Murano was inspired by the utilitarian spirit of CALVIN KLEIN home. Marrying ageless technique with modern sensibility, glasses, plates, bowls and carafes are hand-blown in two time-honored styles.

The Incalmo technique, which takes three people and no less than thirty minutes per piece, allows for the creation of contrasting and playful color combinations. Two hand-blown hemispheres of the same size but different color are joined together for a bold yet understated look in two-toned red/smoke and cobalt/smoke.

The Carlo style is a modern take on traditional Venetian design and creates hexagonal glassware with strong, clean lines. The plates in this collection obtain their shape through centrifugal force, where the maestro rotates the glass so quickly it takes a disk like shape.

Each piece in the CALVIN KLEIN x YALI collection is handcrafted. Every piece is unique and slightly different; a quality appreciated in the glass world and by CALVIN KLEIN home – where preserving the art of craft is a main focus.

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